Implementing Split Optimizer pixel

To set up your first experiment you first have to integrate Split Optimizer. There are two steps to fully integrate and benefit from all the features.

Firstly, you need to include the code listed below. The code should appear in the header section of every page that will run some experiments. Usually it is enough to include the code in the master template(s).


Secondly, you need to track meaningful events whenever they happen on your site. Tracked events represent sign ups, sales, inquiries, or anything else that makes sense to track in your business. These metrics usually make sense also outside of the context of split testing.

To start tracking this event, you have to execute the following JavaScript code when the event happens.

SplitOptimizer.track('Sign up');

You can associate a numeric value to every event whether it is a dollar amount of revenue or a plan level people select on sign up.

SplitOptimizer.track('Sale', 42); // replace 42 with the actual value

Because tracking code takes some time and redirecting to different page immediately would result into failed tracking of the event, you can use optional callback to redirect after it.

<a onclick="return track();" href="/to/your/next/page/">Sign Up Now!</a>

<script type="application/javascript">
function track(){
    SplitOptimizer.track("Sign up", 0, function() {
        //this callback will be called after track was finished
        window.location.href = "/to/your/next/page/";

    //returning false from function will stop default event behavior, necessary!
    return false;

Setting up tracked events in editor

This feature lets you specify a tracked event within an editor for quicker set up.

If you track an element that is not an <a>, <input type="submit"> or <button type="submit">, it will just call SplitOptimizer.track("Your event name") after that element has been clicked.

If the tag is <a>, <input type="submit"> or <button type="submit">, we will override onclick or onsubmit method on the element to call SplitOptimizer.track() and then, if onclick/onsubmit was specified call it, if it returns true redirect to proper href or submit the form and if false then not do anything.


Pricing is very simple. Everytime your page is rendered with Split Optimizer pixel on it and you have an experiment running in your dashboard, it will count as 1 page view.

URL Regex

When creating an experiment which should run on all matching url's to a given regex, enter standard JavaScript regex.

Editor problems

If editor doesn't show up for several seconds, try opening the editor in incognito window. If that helps, try resetting your cookie settings.

Abandonment rate

Abandonment rate tells you what percent of the traffic leaves your website on a given URL.